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SELLERS: Cash Offers/Close in 30 days

Use Door Direct when you’re ready to sell your home.

When you don’t want to sell it yourself

You could sell your home on your own but you might need to make updates, repairs, advertise, conduct showings, deal with buyers, execute contracts and did we mention keep it clean while trying to plan your next move?

When you have a property that has become a burden

You’ve gotten a new job, want to be closer to family, might be separating from a spouse, downsizing, inherited a home, have a rundown rental you’re tired of operating. Or do you just want to move on the easiest way possible?

When you want a cash offer and not wait it out on the market

Your house just isn’t move-in ready. Who knows how long it will take to sell and close the deal, if you put it on the market. And what about the time needed to get the property in good enough shape to put a sign in the yard?

Step 1

Fill out our contact form and a Door Direct agent will call or email you within 48 hours to set up an initial no-obligation conversation.

Step 2

Schedule a virtual or in-person onboarding meeting with one of our agents to discuss your real estate investing goals and strategies as well as learn more about working with Door Direct.

Step 3

Start receiving property alerts for opportunities that match your criteria. When you find a property you’re interested in, work with your agent to acquire it.

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